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Kimberly Lowe

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Money Raised


"America must maintain it's Energy Independence in order to reduce the cost of fuel on hard working Americans. The loss of energy independence raised the price of fuel, broke the supply chain and allowed countries like Russia to get too powerful by allowing Russia to make too much money from oil and gas, all the while food and all costs are sky rocketing for our families. Kimberly will ensure we become Energy Independent so our families can make it and put more dollars in their pocket."


"Good paying jobs and jobs are not always available while in other sectors employers are desperately seeking employees after the COVID economic shutdown. Most sectors suffered because employees did not return to work after COVID. Let's get people back to work and bring higher paying jobs. Kimberly spent years traveling the country forming partnerships to bring jobs to improve your quality of life and revitalize our communities. She has job programs which will bring long term higher paying jobs from greenhouses which will address food access and health issues, to modular housing which will address the lack of affordable housing, to coffee shops, to flight schools!"

Constitutional Rights & Government's Abuse of Power

"Kimberly will protect your rights from religious freedom to medical freedom to parental rights to any and all Constitutional rights such as 2A rights. The government belongs to the people, not the other way around. As a 6th generation farmer, she also knows the National Security risk we currently face with food access and farm freedoms. Other countries like China have bought up our farmlands and meat processing facilities. We have to make sure we preserve our farmlands and make sure our farmers can produce and sell locally which lowers the price of food and allows local food access. The media and BIG TECH have to be brought in check. Right now it's freedom of speech for the press but not for THE PEOPLE. The media has created extreme division and violence across our Country. "

Border Crisis

"The #1 killer in America is the opioid epidemic and it is destroying Virginia and our nation. Kimberly spent extensive time at the border in order to learn as much as possible to solve this crisis. The border is affecting ALL citizens and all towns from crime to drugs to human trafficking. We pay more in the millions of individuals entering this country illegally rather than helping the homeless or veterans in our hometowns. This is a humanitarian crisis which we are paying for. Smart policy will solve this and Kimberly is fighting hard for our communities that have been devastated by the crime and drugs that have flooded our neighborhoods."

Election Integrity

"Election Integrity must be maintained and preserved from the bottom to the top."


"Over 80% of our veterans have experienced trauma or injury. More veterans are dying per day than the murder rate. Veterans and their families gave their all. Let's make it right and ensure actionable steps are taken to address the large plethora of veteran's issues."

National Security

"National Security is a top priority. Kimberly is working towards getting on the Foreign Relations committee and is working with advisors on countries around the world that pose a risk to our National Security. Kimberly has worked for years studying and gathering advisors and is planning on meeting world leaders this year to start building those relationships for when she is in the U.S. Senate."

Kimberly Lowe

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Kimberly Lowe

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