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Steve Harvey

Running for: House of Delegates |
District 55 |
Money Raised



Candidate for the 55th District House of Delegates Seat Steve Harvey


The Schilling Show August 16, 2023: Steve Harvey for Delegate (VA-55)

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Family Values

"Steve believes that the Commonwealth of Virginia has been on a 250 year journey of affording greater human/civil rights to more humans, not fewer. He believes that those, in the past, who have opposed the expansion of human rights for any class of people have always been on the wrong side of history and will continue to be so."

Election Integrity

"For the past 3 years Steve has been the driving force for improving election integrity in the 55th District. The laws pertaining to election integrity in the Commonwealth have eroded voter trust and will eventually drive down voter turnout. Cheating in Virginia has never been easier. A person may enter any polling location and vote, on election day, without any proof of identity or proof of residency in the Commonwealth. Same day registration voting is utterly corruptible and must be ended immediately. Many Central Virginia voters are unaware that over 950 people in Albemarle County and 920 in the City of Charlottesville voted in our 2022 election utilizing same day registration voting. These votes were tallied with functionally zero vetting. The Commonwealth has become the least secure state in the nation. We must do better."


"Steve believes that the Commonwealth of Virginia must strive for energy independence and do so in a sustainable way. The lifeblood of any economy is power. The cleaner and more cost efficient the better! Nuclear power has been overlooked for decades due to bad publicity and poor salesmanship. The true safety and cost of human/animal life per kilowatt hour are impossible to deny. We must strive to instill trust in the public if we are to transition to a more sustainable future. That trust should start with the atom, the worst kept secret of the 20th century. No carbon emissions, least number of humans in danger, unmatched reliability. Why wait? There are new technologies already developed and available that allow for scaling power plant size and reduced costs leading to unmatched cost efficiency. These new designs have a literal 0% chance of accident. "

Second Amendment

"As an Army Officer Steve took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution is very clear on the issue of self defense and citizens’ right to bear arms without caveat. Gun control is a fascist concept that should be roundly rejected by free people around the globe, but especially in a free state like Virginia. If the state prohibits citizens from exercising their right to self defense the state should be required to provide that protection at all times when an unprotected citizen is present. “Gun free zones” are locations where only the state and criminals are armed. If the state creates a location of that nature the state should be mandated to provide active protection for those unfortunate law-abiding citizens who find themselves in harm’s way. This is especially true for our schools. Children should be safeguarded and cherished above all else. When we entrust our children to government schools it is the state’s responsibility to provide for their safety."

Education Access and Freedom

"Systemic racism has its stronghold in our education system. The only way to reduce this horrible blight is to limit the teacher unions’ impact on our schools. There should be no union where children/parents/taxpayers are the only ones on the other side of the argument. The government school system and teacher unions in particular have done tremendous damage to our ability to level the racial divide and produce more equitable outcomes. School choice and allowing state funding to follow students is the key to reducing the achievement gap. Students and parents must be granted the autonomy to make the best choice for themselves. Freedom in education is tantamount to Freedom in general. "


"Generally, Steve follows this philosophy: Lower taxes/regulation = stronger economy. Higher taxes/regulation = struggling economy. Specifically, Steve aims to limit the damage done to our natural resources while allowing for as much personal liberty and economic freedom as possible. Steve recognizes that the original conservationists were farmers, and those most impacted by government overreach are also farmers."

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