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The problem

Inaccessible election information contributes to...

Mis- and disinformation

Rapidly evolving tactics and technology have changed the landscape of election information.

Partisanship & gridlock

American politics are fractured and our government seems incapable of resolving the issue alone.

Institutional distrust

Trust in government is near record lows. Only 16% of Americans trust the government, the lowest measures in nearly seven decades of polling.

Public Trust in Government: 1958-2023

16% of Americans trust the government. This is among the lowest trust measures in nearly seven decades of polling. Pew Research

Politicians won't fix this alone. We have to.

The American people are going to have to fix it.
Rep. Larry Bucshon (R—Ind.)
You’d have to change culture. You have to fix it at the root.
Rep. Doug Lamborn (R—Colo.)
It’s the American people that have to fix the Congress.
Rep. Anna G. Eshoo (D—Calif.)

Election information should be engaging. informative. accessible.

Big tech fights for your attention. Let’s create civic tech to engage Americans in critical elections.


To promote civic engagement and help Americans vote.

Local Candidates is fundraising for non-profit status and expanded election coverage in 2025. Here’s the goal…

Non-profit status

This project should be legally tied to its mission.

Bipartisan board

A socially equitable board should steer this organization.

100+ elections in 2025

In 2025, Virginia will elect its Governor and 100 Delegates, among others.

About Toshy

I am a digital marketer with a passion for politics.

When I vote, I want to be armed with information, and in the 2022 general election, I didn’t find what I was looking for. I have since become obsessed with election information and why it’s hard to find.

Information is the currency of democracy

Thomas Jefferson


I trust that Americans to make the best decisions for themselves. That’s why I compile information from a variety of sources (left, right, and center).


Local Politics Matter

From hot-button social issues to taxes and your pocketbook, local elections have considerable impact on constituents.

$83.8 billion

Virginia’s 2024 Budget

$551 million

Albemarle’s 2024 Budget

$228 million

Charlottesville’s 2024 Budget