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Jennifer McClellan

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 4 |
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Revitalizing the Economy

"Virginia families and businesses are facing the ongoing economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis and inflation. In Congress, Jenn will fight for economic opportunity for all Virginia communities, ensuring that families can afford what they need and that businesses have the opportunities to grow and thrive. Jenn will advocate for a strong, inclusive, affordable and resilient economy that gives everyone an opportunity for prosperity while meeting the changing demands of technology and the marketplace and protecting workers’ rights."

Climate Action and Environmental Justice

"As the mother of two young kids, Jenn has been a leader in Virginia’s effort to address climate change today and for generations to come. Jenn wants to leave an inhabitable planet for her children, and all of our children, to inherit. Jenn’s faith also teaches her that we must be stewards of this planet. Jenn recognizes that climate change is an environmental issue, an economic issue, a health issue and a racial justice issue that we must take action to address."

Equity, Inclusivity and Racial Justice

"For 16 legislative sessions, Jenn has walked past the statue of former senator and segregationist Harry Byrd in Richmond’s Capitol Square knowing that she is his worst nightmare: A Black woman, a descendent of enslaved people, and the daughter of parents who endured Jim Crow, working to eradicate the very inequity and oppression that Harry Byrd worked to create and maintain. Jenn has spent her career dismantling the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow that still impacts communities today."

Gun Violence

"Jenn has seen the devastating impact of gun violence across the Commonwealth. As the mom of two school-age kids, Jenn supports enacting comprehensive gun reform to protect our families and make our communities safer. All of Virginia’s 1,000 annual gun deaths are preventable. As a member of Congress, Jenn will work to close loopholes and protect Virginians from gun violence."

Health Care and Abortion Access

"As a member of Congress, Jenn will continue to make access to a high-quality, affordable, comprehensive health care system available to everyone – from our newborn Virginians to those 50 and older- while also protecting the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship from undue government interference. Jenn will work to ensure that access to mental health and reproductive health resources are part of a comprehensive health care system."

Voting Rights

"Jenn knows voting is the most precious right and fundamental act in our democracy. Yet throughout our country’s history, powerful forces have worked to silence voices and deny the franchise to many. In Congress, she will be a champion for voting rights, and will support legislation that guarantees easier access to the ballot."

Justice Reform

"While serving in the General Assembly, Jenn has seen the impacts of the justice system on her constituents. Virginia’s justice system has disproportionately affected communities of color and individuals with disabilities, criminalized childhood behavior, poverty and mental health conditions, and failed to provide all defendants with fair trials. The justice system has focused more on punishment and incarceration than prevention and rehabilitation and doled out punishments that are disproportionate to crimes. That’s why Jenn is committed to transforming justice throughout the Commonwealth to create a generational cycle of restoration and re-entry rather than one of inequity."

Veterans & Active Duty Personnel

"Virginia is a Commonwealth rich in military history, which proudly houses some of our nation’s key military facilities. Jenn believes it is essential to protect and support those Virginians who have defended our freedom by serving in our military. One in 12 Virginians is a veteran and the Commonwealth has the greatest number of veterans in the workforce per capita. But many veterans experience difficulties readjusting to civilian life. Jenn knows many military families face the same problems that affect all Virginians including food insecurity, difficulty finding affordable and reliable childcare, and financial hardship. Military families also deal with unique challenges including constant stress that comes from deployments, separation, and the emotional and physical toll that accompanies military service."


"In Congress, Jenn will support a multimodal transportation system that provides for the most efficient, accessible travel options for people and products while also protecting and preserving the environment. She will advocate for public transportation funding and to provide electrification infrastructure that reduces emissions from Virginia’s transportation sector."

Education and Child Care

"In Congress, Jenn will support major federal investments to improve access to child care, including supporting bills similar to Sen. Tim Kaine and Sen. Patty Murray’s 2022 proposal on child care funding. She will also make funding K-12 education and supporting Virginia’s educators and parents a top priority."

Jennifer McClellan

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 4 |
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Jennifer McClellan

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