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Morgan Griffith

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 9 |
Money Raised

Job Creation

"Morgan knows that to create new jobs in Southwest Virginia, we have to get government out of the way. High taxes, unnecessary regulation, and an over-reliance on foreign industry have strangled private businesses in our communities and prevented job growth. In Congress, Morgan introduced the EPA Regulatory Relief Act to reduce burdensome regulations on hospitals, manufacturers, and other businesses in our area so they can grow and provide jobs."

Protecting Coal and American Energy Resources

"Morgan supports an “all of the above” energy approach and coal is a vital part of that plan. Morgan is working to provide funding to revitalize coal communities by reclaiming and restoring abandoned mine sites to create jobs and increase our coal production."

Securing Our Elections

"Free, fair, and secure elections are the foundation for our democracy. Morgan supports commonsense solutions to secure our elections, such as requiring voter ID, clearing the deceased from voter rolls, and requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote. "

Reigning in Wasteful Spending

"The national debt caused by the wasteful and excessive spending of Congress must come to an end. This will take time, but Morgan is working on legislation that would force Congress to spend no more than it receives, require the President to submit a balanced budget, and require a supermajority vote to increase the national debt limit."

Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration

"The crisis at the border went from a manageable problem to a huge humanitarian crisis under the Democrats and the Biden Administration. Unaccompanied children are likely falling into the hands of human traffickers, and cartels are more easily trafficking deadly drugs across the country and into Virginia. Morgan is working to secure our border and crack down on illegal immigration. Morgan welcomes immigrants who want to come here legally and share in the American dream."

Fighting for Our Farmers

"Morgan is fighting for our farmers in Washington. He is standing up to an overreaching Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies that make it harder for people to work their land and raise their livestock. Agriculture and timber are vital to Southwest Virginia’s economy, and Morgan supports these industries with his work in Congress and will continue to fight against the discredited Waters of the USA Program."

Combating the Opioid Crisis

"From treatment to prevention, Morgan is a leader in creating new policies to reduce opioid addiction. He is leading efforts to improve prescription drug monitoring programs to allow healthier care providers to prevent over-prescription of opioids."

Morgan Griffith

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 9 |
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Morgan Griffith

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