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Ahsan Nasar

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 11 |
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"Ahsan supports a peaceful political solution to the 75-year-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He supports a solution that recognizes the hopes and dreams of people of all faiths living in the region, including an end to the occupation of Palestinian territory. Ahsan condemns the ongoing cycle of violence that has plagued the region for decades, as well as the current military attacks that have killed or wounded thousands of innocent civilians."

Mental Health & Healthcare

"Having lost his mother to depression, Ahsan is a firm believer in investing in mental health professionals and facilities. This is critical across all of Virginia, which has been designated a mental health professional shortage area by the federal Health Resources and Services Administration. If elected, Ahsan will work in a bipartisan fashion to secure more federal funding for and access to mental health services."


"Before resigning to run for Congress, Ahsan worked at the Government Accountability Office as a senior cyber attorney. In the U.S. Army Reserves, Ahsan served as a senior legal advisor to an Army Cyber Brigade. Ahsan fully understands the importance of data privacy, identity protection, and managing artificial intelligence so that it benefits society without harming our youth, the elderly, and our communities. Information technology undergirds our business advancements as well as our children’s education."

Climate & Clean Energy

"As a father of young children, Ahsan is intensely concerned about climate change. Ahsan will fight for smart, measurable climate and energy policy as if his children’s lives depended on it. Instead of just focusing on passing environmental legislation, Ahsan will focus on improving existing legislation by insisting on measurable metrics and outcomes. "


"Ahsan believes a strong, vibrant economy and responsible but compassionate immigration policy are intertwined. Since our country’s founding, immigrants have been at the core of our national identity. That is no less true today. Immigrants bring new ideas and passion to our communities and enrich the fabric of America. Ahsan is the son of immigrants who proudly gave their all in service to our country."

Federal Employees & Good Government

"Before resigning to run for Congress, Ahsan was a federal employee with over 15 years of creditable service. Through his service at the Government Accountability Office he came to appreciate the concept of good government, and he developed a deep understanding of public policy on numerous issues and concerns."

Transportation & Infrastructure

"The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore is a human and economic tragedy that epitomizes the need for safe and secure infrastructure. Ahsan believes in continuously investing in our highways, roads, bridges, railways, aviation, and waterways to reinforce them against would-be threats and to avoid deterioration."

Veterans & Foreign Policy

"As a current member of the military, Ahsan understands that the military is often, and sometimes incorrectly, relied upon to implement Foreign Policy. Therefore, Ahsan believes Congressional Veterans of both parties must be more attuned to the actions of the Executive Branch as it develops U.S. Foreign Policy, and Congress should aggressively hold the Executive Branch accountable for its proper execution."


"Having a father in long-term nursing care, Ahsan is very concerned about the treatment and level of services our elderly neighbors are afforded at home and at retirement communities. Our senior family members contributed substantially to the U.S. economy as well as to our military and political institutions, and they are respected members of our communities. They earned the right to enjoy a dignified retirement without fear of financial or medical distress."

Criminal Justice & Gun Violence

"As a federal prosecutor, Ahsan proactively worked with federal public defenders on alternatives to incarceration and life-altering criminal charges. His work gave him firsthand experience that shapes his balanced perspective on our criminal justice system. Reform is necessary to improve how we deal with offenders and how we train, retain and appropriately compensate our law enforcement professionals."

Education & Technology

"Fairfax County spends over half of its budget on public schools. There is only so much more money that can be spent. Ahsan favors partnering with businesses in the area to help educators develop improved curriculums to more efficiently train students for the jobs of tomorrow. Ahsan also favors increased grants and federal tax credits to supplement incomes for those young individuals who choose to go into noble but underappreciated professions such as teaching and social services."


"Ahsan is a firm believer in equality and respect for all. He has zero tolerance for sexism, racism, and discrimination of all types. Diversity makes the United States strong, powerful, and aesthetically beautiful. Whether one views our country as an inclusive melting pot or an inviting mosaic, we are a nation that welcomes and embraces people of all backgrounds. We recognize that our diversity is the basis of our uniquely American character."

Ahsan Nasar

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 11 |
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Ahsan Nasar

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