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Aliscia Andrews

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 10 |
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Meet Aliscia

"Aliscia Andrews is a working mom, a Marine Corps veteran and a national security policy expert. She was born in Hampton, VA and spent her childhood traveling the U.S. while her father served in the Air Force. As a child, she was actively engaged in the Church, played sports, and volunteered in her community. In the fall of 2005, after watching a high school friend make the ultimate sacrifice for our county, she knew her calling was to serve in the Marines."


"We must keep drugs OUT of schools, let our kids be kids, secure parental rights, and hold our schools safe and accountable."


"As a Marine Veteran, I know how vital protecting veteran benefits is. I will be a staunch advocate for our veterans and ensure they have what they deserve. "

National Security

"As a national security policy expert, I understand that protecting the US from both foreign and domestic threats and ensuring that the U.S. has the infrastructure to protect against the increasing number of cyber attacks is a TOP priority. "


"Our families are struggling under the current administration. It's time to lower the cost of living, reduce energy prices, cut taxes and allow our families to start thriving again."


"Aliscia Andrews has a background in cyber and understands the importance of having strong infrastructure and personnel to keep the U.S. safe."

Drugs & Fentanyl

"WE MUST secure our border, get drugs off the street and put dealers behind bars for good. "

Aliscia Andrews

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 10 |
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Aliscia Andrews

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