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Carl Bedell

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 7 |
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Climate Change and Clean Energy

"I will support legislation that builds a competitive clean energy economy that puts workers and communities first, accelerates the transition to clean energy, prioritizes a modernized renewable energy infrastructure and enforces emissions reduction programs."

Criminal Justice Reform

"As your representative, I will advocate for policies and legislation aimed at addressing racial and socioeconomic disparities, emphasizing rehabilitation over punishment, strengthening reentry programs, and implementing community-based crime prevention strategies."

Economic Growth

"To ensure economic fairness, I will support measures to hold corporations and the wealthy accountable for their fair share of taxes by closing loopholes and implementing progressive tax policies. Addressing inflation and corporate monopolies are also essential to create a competitive economy and marketplace where small businesses thrive and consumers benefit from fair prices and choices."


"I will advocate for greater federal investment in education to strengthen our schools and promote access to quality education for all students. I will also work to correct the formula used to distribute funding under the Individual with Disabilities Education Act so that Virginia receives equitable federal funding for special education."

Foreign Policy and National Defense

"America must continue to serve as a beacon of liberty and global leadership, advancing peace, security, and prosperity worldwide. This entails cultivating and nurturing strategic alliances with like-minded nations, employing a comprehensive approach across diplomacy, foreign aid, intelligence, and economic strategies."

Gun Safety

"I support the Constitutional right of Americans to own guns, however, we must pass legislation that requires responsible common-sense gun ownership and that keeps guns out of the hands of those who would use them for violent crimes."


"I will support legislation that expands healthcare coverage and reins in costs so that people can afford to stay healthy without going into debt. I will fight to lower the cost of prescription drugs and advocate for greater transparency and accountability around prescription drug pricing. I will develop solutions to ensure our rural communities have access to equitable, affordable, high-quality health. I will support innovation in health technology that allows for better treatment options, empowers medical professionals, enhances patient care, and saves lives."


"As your representative, I will advocate for bipartisan, commonsense immigration reform that will strengthen border security and increase pathways to legal citizenship at the border and for the millions of undocumented immigrants who are already living, working, and paying taxes in the U.S. and across the Commonwealth."


"As your representative, I am committed to championing the implementation of the IJJA and advocating for sustained infrastructure investment, ensuring Virginia's prosperity and competitiveness in the 21st-century economy."


"I will work to lower healthcare costs, expand access to high-quality care, and expand access and improve the quality of mental healthcare for Veterans and their families. I will strongly advocate for policies and funding to alleviate Veteran homelessness, address mental illness and trauma, reduce Veteran suicide rates, and provide expanded services and support for justice-involved Veterans and Veterans navigating addiction and recovery."

Women's Healthcare

"I will fervently support legislation that codifies this right and safeguards unhindered access to the full range of reproductive health services, including contraception and safe, legal abortion."

Carl Bedell

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 7 |
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Carl Bedell

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