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Craig Ennis

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 7 |

Economic Security

"As someone who wears work boots to my job, I also feel the effects of inflation, high gas prices, and the cost of living steadily rising. I am for reducing your tax rate 3% while raising the corporate tax 6%. I want less spending on social programs that only fleece the American taxpayer. I will not be a weak-kneed Congressman who votes on Bills that take money away from you the Voters of the 7th Congressional District of Virginia. My principles are strong when it comes to how the Government spends our hard-earned tax money. In 2024 if you are voting on your Wallet your vote is for Craig Ennis for US Congress in the Va 7th Congressional District."

Veteran Homelessness

"There is nothing more shameful than to allow the Veterans of the United States to sleep on any street in the US. There is nothing more appalling than to see our Veterans mistreated at the US VA Hospitals. A Congressman Ennis will get down in the trenches and be that elected official who has your back."

Intelligence Community Political Bias

"With the clear Election interference by the FBI in the Presidential elections recently the FBI needs to reign in. It is time to either get this in check or disband the FBI outright. The CIA needs to be disbanded and the Office of Strategic Intelligence stood up. It needs to be determined just how much political interference these agencies have committed."

Immigration Reform

"Having written Operation Jumpstart for President George W Bush, I am fully aware of what direction the US needs to go in this issue. There needs to be a touchback provision for illegals that are here in the US. Any asylum-seeking or any other nationalization process should be filed for in a country outside the US."

Corporate Capitalism

"It is way past time to break up big corporations that control our lives. I have to say truthfully that when the economy is stretched and inflation runs out of control as a runaway train headed for a cliff, it's We the People who suffer. Most of this blame goes to the top 4 corporations that control our lives. They control what we eat and what price we pay for our meals. They own insurance companies that reap high profits by overcharging premiums with selective service coverage and what operations or medications you get."

Craig Ennis

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 7 |
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Craig Ennis

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