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Gary Terry

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 5 |


"Hi, I’m Gary Terry, and I invite you to join our mission to reshape the political landscape of Congressional District Five. We’re sending a clear message to Washington Republicans: it’s time to step aside and let us step up to truly represent the people. By stepping up with your vote, your time, and your donations, we can bring about the change we need. With your support, I am ready to go to Congress and advocate fiercely for policies that benefit working families and small businesses."


"Today, Gary confronts the urgent matter of price gouging in essential goods. To those shifting from rightful profit to cruel invasion of our essential supplies: step aside! Gary steps up to implementing strong measures that ensure consumers are protected and prices remain fair."

Women's Health & Rights

"We face those who would deny a woman her rightful autonomy, who would tether us to a single narrative of family and choice. To them, our chorus rises: Step aside! We STEP UP for the sanctity of choice, for the liberty to forge families in all their diverse forms, to cherish and to nurture love that knows the bounds of respect and mutual consent. Details for health rights here."

Gun Safety & Liberty United

"When the specter of gun violence haunts our schools, our streets, what do we hear? Thoughts, prayers, and yet—hesitation. No more. To those who delay, who defer: Step aside! We are here to STEP UP, to enshrine safety alongside liberty, to uphold the promise of a nation secure and at peace. Details for the gun issue here."

Gary Terry

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 5 |
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Gary Terry

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