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Adrian Pokharel

Adrian Pokharel

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 10 |


"Implement a flat rate for medical providers, mandate care for a minimum percentage of Medicare and Medicaid patients, and provide long-term care under Medicare with no deductibles. Strengthen women’s health, reproductive rights, and mental health initiatives, and fund and report on mental well-being progress. "


"Offer free community college for full-time students with a B average or higher, incorporate law and mental health education into school curricula from the elementary level, restrict adult education materials in libraries to those with parental permission, and require immediate parental notification upon their checkout. Promote income sharing from wealthier to poorer counties to improve educational resources, push for tuition-free vocational education with job placement, and enhance STEM programs. "


"Provide additional tax credits and better compensation for teachers, offer stipends or tax credits for county employees residing in the county of their employment, grant extra tax credits for retirees over 65, make union dues tax-deductible, tax businesses that contribute to traffic, congestion, and environmental issues more heavily and mandate their investment in community development, raise the minimum wage to $18, and combat price gouging while incentivizing the return of American jobs. "


"Ensure gender-neutral bathrooms in all facilities, expand public train transportation, and restrict the placement of large data centers within community areas. "

Community Safety

"Mandate concealed carry permits, ban private gun sales and establish penalties, prohibit assault weapons, require comprehensive background checks for firearm purchases, enforce anti-bullying measures in schools, and create safe community spaces for mental health networking."


"Create paths to permanent residency for TPS residents living in the U.S. for over a decade without criminal records, deport individuals with criminal records, streamline family reunification for green card holders and ensure tax compliance, expedite sibling visa processes, increase H1B quotas to retain educated talent, and reduce permanent residency and citizenship application times."

Adrian Pokharel

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 10 |
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Adrian Pokharel

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