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Michelle Maldonado

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 10 |
Money Raised

Affordable Housing

"Affordable housing is a serious problem across Virginia. Localities across the Commonwealth use a variety of policies to address this problem, and Michelle believes our state government has the responsibility to help. While land use and development decisions typically are made at the local level, the State can take proactive steps to encourage affordable housing options, through policies like requiring affordable housing in state-funded infrastructure projects."


"Michelle believes that every child in Virginia deserves access to high quality public education. As a parent whose been highly active in her own child’s education, Michelle believes in the power of teachers and parents working together to make sure their students are well supported and can learn, achieve, and thrive in our schools."

Jobs and the Economy

"As a small business owner, Michelle understands how the post-pandemic job market and economy are impacting our ability not just to earn a living, but to make ends meet. As a working mother, Michelle also understands the need to prioritize affordability and access to quality childcare, especially our families with limited financial resources."


"Virginia is a forward-thinking community, and we know that by protecting our environment we invest in our future. We all need to do our part to help address today’s climate change and environmental crises. This includes cleaning our streets and highways, converting to electric vehicles, creating more bicycle lanes, utilizing recycled materials in innovative designs, and promoting alternative energy sources."

Technology, Infrastructure & Innovation

"Our infrastructure is aging, inefficient, and insufficient. Northern Virginia’s population is growing, and we need efficient, balanced, and affordable options to improve our transportation and infrastructure. Michelle is committed to making bold investments in our infrastructure whether through state or federal funds, local programs or grant funding sources. These include rail extension, traffic flow improvements, and the repair and upgrade of roads. She also supports adopting energy efficient vehicles, increasing the number of charging stations, and considering green design alternatives that improve the quality of life for everyone."

Affordable Healthcare

"Affordable and accessible healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Michelle knows that the health and wellbeing of each individual is critical for a strong family, community, and Commonwealth. As Delegate, Michelle wants healthcare to be both accessible and affordable for you and your family. She supports protecting women’s reproductive rights, expanding funding and resources for mental and behavioral health services, and works hard to bridge the healthcare gap across lower income families, women, and communities of color."

Criminal Justice

"Too many Virginians are trapped in a cycle of poverty, criminality, and incarceration. Citizens caught in this cycle are robbed of the chance to become good neighbors and community leaders. Now is the time for us to come together to address this issue, reforming our criminal justice system to end unfair sentencing and related circumstances."

Good Government

"As Virginians, we pride ourselves on good government. What we have always regarded as prudently limited good government is failing to keep pace with the demands of a modern, growing Commonwealth. An influx of money into our campaign finance system is one byproduct of our state’s growth and economic success. With no giving caps and only a U.S. citizenship requirement for campaign contributions, money continues to flow into the system—even from individuals and corporations who have business before the General Assembly."

Michelle Maldonado

Running for: House of Representatives |
District 10 |
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Michelle Maldonado

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